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Club Fitting Day

Alongside designing, delivering bespoke teamwear to clubs. teams and organisations, GRG SPorts also offer a "Club Fitting Day".

This is where we travel to your desired location and time to fit out your members with the pre-approved teamwear from our various ranges. Orders are then taken on the day, so less fuss and confusion with orders and sizing. 

How does it work?

We design mock-up of your club's gear from our various ranges and you then chose which gear you want to be made available. Your club then advertises products and decides on a day and time for members to be fitted out. 

On the day names, sizes and payment are taken from members and the 6 weeks from the date of the order we will deliver your club's sports gear to be received by each individual who ordered. 

Polo Shirts & Casual Shorts

How Fitting Day helps you?

As we are on-site with the pre-approved gear, club members can try on the teamwear which they are purchasing and feel more confident in their sizing and what suits them. This ensures that clubs and members are happy with the order.

As we take the orders on-site on the Fitting Day, club delegates have less stress in dealing with orders and payments.

Get your club fitted out today!

Get in contact with us here at GRG Sports and we can walk you through the process of setting up your club Fitting Day. We can talk through various ranges and products that suit your club and your club members needs. 

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